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Tell us who you are + what you care about!

Great news! We are currently accepting contributions from our community to be featured on the blog.


Currently, there are two ways to get involved.

identify as a writer?

Your best bet is to submit an essay to our “Two Truths And A Lie” series. We need 750 to 1,000 words telling us about two things you know to be truth about your life and one thing you have realized is a lie. The idea is to feature stories that reveal personal growth, honest truth-telling, and your unique perspective on the world.




Your essay doesn’t need to be shocking or tabloid fodder or clickbait, but it does need to be true. We are looking for all styles of writing — funny, poignant, powerful, or lyrical.

Got a story to tell?

Send your essay idea or a completed essay in a Word.docx file to The subject line of your email should read “Two Truths And A Lie Submission.”

And FYI, if your essay is accepted for publication, we will also need —

· 1 lifestyle picture (Instagram squares are perfect)
· 1 headshot (Selfies are fine)
· A 100 word bio
· Links to your website and social media accounts

More interested in a q+A format?

We’ve got a Tribe Interview format that is right up your alley and published weekly on our blog.




We love featuring women from all walks of life — diverse in background, career, sexual orientation, spirituality, politics, and ambition — but committed to practicing joy in a messy world.

Ready to go?

Please CLICK HERE to view our interview requirements. Fully completed interviews can be submitted in a Word.docx file to The subject line of your email should read “Tribe Interview.”

If you are chosen to be featured,  we will also need —

· 1 recent selfie
· Images (or links to images) for your gamechanger book, current obsession, and item you can’t live without
· Links to your website and social media accounts


The vital, yet less exciting, details

Please note, we only publish original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere. We do not accept sponsored posts from contributors or companies at the moment, nor do we host paid links.

And while we gratefully read and consider each submission from our incredible community, we cannot publish every essay or interview that we receive.

You will hear back from us either way because that’s just how we roll.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

*Real woman is inclusive of anyone who identifies as a woman. Equality, yo.