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Life is messy. Change can suck. Transitions can be hard.  But you know what?

I believe joyful living is ALWAYS possible.

Yep, I said it. I believe it with all my heart. And through coaching, I get the chance to help you discover this radical idea for yourself.

This is what I want for you, lovely.

  • I want you to gain clarity about who you are at your truest level and how to take action towards adoring your life.
  • I want you to spend your personal resources of time, money, energy and love on the things in your life that YOU actually care about.
  • I want to you activate your highest strengths in pursuit of passionate work.

Your Effort + My Guidance = Spectacular Aftermath.

I ask the hard questions, provide unwavering support, and help you pursue your joyful world with mindfulness, honesty and hope. Whether you want to dive into the personal work one-on-one or surrounded by other women in a similar spot, coaching is the most rewarding work you’ll ever do.

Ready? Let’s break out the champagne!


Hot damn! This is the juicy stuff.

We partner together to help you navigate a BIG transition in your life with clarity, courage, and gutsy action. (And way less anxiety and self-sabotage.)

Coaching will help YOU sort out

  • Exactly what you’re craving from your new phase of life
  • How your current actions and mindset are helping or hurting you
  • Powerful strategies to embrace your transition and shift your discontent or discomfort into positive soul-affirming self-discovery (Ka-POW!)

I offer both one-time “Transition Turnarounds” and extended Coaching Partnerships. Short and sweet or long-term support; you choose. Either way — you’ll notice a direct impact on your life.


Let’s explore and activate your Calling, hot stuff.

Who is this for? You know that you are meant to do more with your talents, but you’re just not sure what. You feel stuck in your job search, unmotivated by your position, or lost on your next career step. You want to connect with your passion. You want to get really freakin’ clear on what you’re meant to do. You want to find a way to start creating that elusive “do what you love” dream.

You want to activate your calling in a way that feels connected, yet makes sense in the “real world” of expenses, commitments and time.  You don’t want to feel foolish because you haven’t figured this out already.  I understand.

We move fast, so if you’re ready to find your passion work — buckle up!


Dedicated Time + Group Momentum + Creative Insight = Major Movement for your business or business idea.

Who is this for? You want to lovingly push your lifestyle business or side hustle to the next “level”. You want to finally get that business idea off the ground. You want to take your freelancing more seriously. You want to make your business ♥ you back.

It’s part biz mentorship. It’s part fearless action taking. It’s part coaching. It’s everything I wish someone had taught me in the first year of my business!

I’ve had designers, novelists, coaches, photographers, consultants, freelance writers, online retail shop owners, educators, and day jobbers with side hustles excel in this program.


Stratejoy_Badge_ElevateYes please.

Imagine what you can do with a small dedicated tribe of like-minded women, a fearless leader who is hell-bent on your success, 12 months of inspired accountability, and a boatload of loving support…

I’m talking about AN ENTIRE YEAR of excitement, hard questions, unconditional encouragement, and calling out of bullshit when you start getting in your own way.

How would it feel knowing that you have the resources, connections, vision and cheerleading of 14 other women who understand that deep craving to create a beautiful life?

How would it feel knowing that I wasn’t going to let you get left behind?

How would it feel to know that you were never alone in this year of incredible growth, incredible love and incredible satisfaction?

Pretty freakin’ amazing, I imagine.