Tribe Interview

Lynn Spiro

Who are you sister? Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Lynn Spiro, I am the owner/founder of the website Better Ask Your Mom, and mother of the most wonderful 6 month old baby girl. Pre-baby I was working in Chicago as a child life specialist. I currently live in pure Michigan with…

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Merica Kahn

Who are you, girl? Give us the basics. Name: Merica Kahn Location: Jersey City Who do you live with? My boyfriend What do you do for money in the real world? I work in fashion production on a design team in New York City. What are your super powers? Animal enthusiast, fashion connoisseur, and organized self-motivating workaholic OK, we want…

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Jessie Harrold

Who are you, sister?  Tell us a little about yourself. Hi!  I’m Jessie Harrold, and I hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia, a small city nestled on the Atlantic Coast of Canada.  I live with my husband and my two a-mazing (-ly crazy) kids, Ada and Max, and our dog Roxy. I am a coach, doula, adventurer,…

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Kelly Botham

Who are you, sister? Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Kelly Botham also known as Kelbo, Kelly Bo Belly, Bo Bells and my favorite name, Mama. I am 36 years-old, youngest of 5 kids and was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada with a few years in Germany when I was…

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Erin McBride

Who are you sister? Tell us a little about yourself. Hello Stratejoy tribe sisters! My name is Erin and I am a Nashville transplant living in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband and two babies (who are dogs, ahem). As a tree hugging nature and wildlife lover, I adore North Florida for its mild winters and…

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