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Holiday Council Featurette: Shelley Davidescu

Enjoy straight-from-the-heart reflections on 2016 from inspirational women, like Shelley Davidescu, in our Holiday Council Featurettes.

Inspired by her musings? Need to recommit to your own dreams and plans? Join the Stratejoy Tribe for the Holiday Council, starting on November 28th!

Shelley Davidescu

In this year, I have honored myself more than ever.

Because of this year, I now believe anything is possible.

To reflect on my year, I will celebrate my gratitude for life at the beach.

My favorite end-of-year tradition is to reflect on the best times of the year and the learned opportunities.

In 2017, I will remember that less is more.

Shelley Davidescu

Meet Shelley! Shelley Davidescu is a Business Mentor for women in wellness ready to spread health and healing worldwide. Professionally trained in mental health, Shelley combines her knowledge in psychology, business, and health to help women share their powerful transformation and unique message to heal and create a bigger impact in the world today.

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