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Holiday Council Featurette: Kathleen Shannon

Enjoy straight-from-the-heart reflections on 2016 from inspirational women, like Kathleen Shannon, in our Holiday Council Featurettes.

Inspired by her musings? Need to recommit to your own dreams and plans? Join the Stratejoy Tribe for the Holiday Council, starting on November 28th!

Kathleen Shannon Being Boss Braid Creative Holiday Council Featurette

My word or theme for the year was GROWTH. I’m a student of life and am always committed to personal growth – but this year I was especially interested in growing my business and expanding my vision for what could be.

In this year, I have honored my intuition. The more I learn how to trust my gut and follow my heart the better off I am for it.

Because of this year, I now believe that we only receive what we can handle, in due time. I’m incredibly impatient by nature but I’m learning to trust that all great things need plenty of incubation and nurturing in order to grow into something sustainable, abundant, and autonomous.

To reflect on my year, I will bring a halt to the daily grind, schedule less meetings, and take the time to look at how far I’ve come.

In 2017, I will remember that the process is the reward. Your goals mean shit if you feel like shit along the way – so in 2017 I am going to be more committed to expanding my capacity for joy by only saying yes to the things that really feel worth it.

Kathleen Shannon Being Boss Braid Creative Holiday Council Featurette

Meet Kathleen! Kathleen Shannon is co-host of Being Boss, a podcast for creative entrepreneurs. She is also co-founder of Braid Creative, personal branding for creative entrepreneurs who blend work and life – like designers, writers, artists, foodies, yogis and lifestyle professionals. is where she shares her own journey as a working creative, tackling fears and taking risks, whether trekking the foothills of Mt. Everest, starting a family, or starting a business.

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