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Holiday Council Featurette: Ev’Yan Whitney

Enjoy straight-from-the-heart reflections on 2016 from inspirational women, like Ev’Yan Whitney, in our Holiday Council Featurettes.

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My word or theme for the year was queen.

In this year, I have honored all of my creative, sexual, and sensual desires. I’ve honored my individuality and my autonomy. I’ve given myself permission to seek, play, make, and bloom in ways I’ve been too afraid to do in the past. I’ve made myself so proud.

Because of this year, I now believe I can do anything I put my entire heart and mind to. Also, that I’m a boss ass bitch.

To reflect on my year, I will do an end-of-the-year ritual with candles, tarot, my journal, and this little workbook I created.

In 2017, it will be time for glory.


Meet Ev’Yan! Ev’Yan Whitney is a writer who openly chronicles her journey of erotic awakening and exploration on her not-so-private personal blog. She is also the host of The Sexually Liberated Woman podcast, an ongoing, sex-positive dialogue that highlights, celebrates, and encourages the sexually liberated woman. In addition to writing and talking about her sex life, Ev’Yan helps facilitate, educate, and hold space for other women who want to step out of sexual shame and into their erotic power via one-on-one coaching and counseling. You can find more about her work at and see her brazenly celebrating her femme sexuality on Instagram at @evyan.whitney.

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