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Why Camp? Freedom to Be Silly, and Granting Our Own Wishes


REBECCA_BLUEIt’s time for me to get away.

From the hectic and busy life that leaves me feeling like I hardly have time to breathe.

From the day-to-day responsibilities of being a mother, wife and employee.

To have a chance to get in touch with myself,for once in my life, away from family and distractions.

And for the morning sessions.

The quiet reflecting time.

The morning runs. The high-ropes course. Diving into the lake.

Happy hour, campfires and the freedom to be silly.

And given a cocktail or two, even I could get into all the evening group activities!

MICHELLE_PHOENIXI got a phone call in February right after Valentine’s day that my mom was going to the hospital.  She spent 2 weeks in a small town hospital to learn that she had stage 4 breast cancer.  We were told to prepare for the worst; she died less than two weeks later.

I was in a state of complete shock! What happened?!

I tried to pick up the pieces, put a “face” on, and go back to my 9 to 5 job where I was working overtime.

Then a few days after tax season I was let go without a solid explanation.

Again I wondered, what happened?! These doors kept closing leaving me in stages of confusion and shock.

I have been part of this tribe for a few years. 

It has helped me through some tough ups and downs and I truly I don’t know how I would have faced this part of my life if I didn’t have this community and the knowledge I’ve gained to lean on.  Thanks to the confidence and hope that I have been able to build for myself, I said, “No, not this time!”  

Because just when I thought there was no hope and I was at the end of the road I remembered that I will not feel sorry for myself and no one else will so this is it. Time to take control of my life. 

These lessons have taught me that life is too short to wait for my fairy godmother to grant me three wishes.  

I called my guy and told him that I had a plan, to which he said, “GREAT. Sounds good to me.”  

Of course, (just part of) that plan is that I am coming to Summer Camp.

I am going to learn how to make my happy ever after happen NOW!!!

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