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Inspirational Quotes FTW

Inspirational Quote junkies, unite.  This post is for you!

I’m a fairly decisive person – – I love this, hate this, want to do that, don’t ever want to do that — so I thought judging the Pinterest Quote Contest would be easy.

And then you people made such beautiful works of art!   The photography, graphic design, and crafting have been lovely.   I got a kick out of hearing how it reminded you what fun it was to be creative!  

State of flow, anyone?

I’ve been loving watching as the inspirational quotes were posted over the last 2 weeks, and though it was a little surreal to be reading only things that I had written — you all made me look damn good!

(Thank you.)

Want to be impressed?

Check out all the Inspirational Quotes HERE.

Stratejoy Quote Contest

And now for the big announcement.

The winners of the Stratejoy Quote Contest are…

Jennifer Berthaiume, Courtney Clinkingbeard and Jessica Mitchell!

Each of you lovely ladies is winning






And because I couldn’t stop at just three, I’m awarding “Awesomeable Mentions” and free entry into the Holiday Council to

Catherine McAtier, Michelle Kirsh and

Jo Stapley!





Thank you all for creating such gorgeous inspirational quotes.  I hope each lovebomb finds someone who needs it, at the exact moment they need to read those particular words.  Thank you for helping me spark magic in the life of a stranger!

Please feel free to use any of these images out in the world — share on Facebook, write a post about one on your blog, put them in your vision board, and pin away on Pinterest.  Let’s get more Strategies for Joy out into the world, eh?

And a big kiss and gold star to my favorite Community Manager, Katie Colihan, for putting together such a cool contest.



p.s.  Winners!  Email katie @ stratejoy . com to collect your prizes!  If you’ve already taken one of the courses — you can gift it to a gal pal. Yay!

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