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Pinterest Contest with Prizes! Oh My!

Are you ready for the very first Stratejoy Pinterest Contest?

(I sure am.)

The back story-

Someone, somewhere created this quote photo from my I am Enough blog post. I have no idea who it was or what inspired them, but I’d like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to this angel.

I am Enough Molly Mahar

I’ve seen it posted on Facebook on pages with hundreds of thousands of likers.  I’ve had old high school friends getting in touch saying, “Molz?  Is this you?”   It’s all over Pinterest and I freaking love Pinterest.   I’ve had dozens of women email me their own I am Enough Manifestos.  Our Tribe has grown because of this image.

So much love from this one little quote.

Now, it’s your turn.

I want you to make a “Molly Mahar” quote, with your original photography or graphic design skills.  I’m not sure we can replicate the awesome viral spread of this one, but I’m sure you can make a better looking one!  🙂

Ready for the rules?

What quotes can I use / Where can I find quotes?

Any and all quotes that are original Molly Mahar words of wisdom (bahaha!) are fair game.  Whether it’s from one of my blog posts, a nugget found somewhere on  the site, Joy Juice, the Joy Equation, or any of my other products — you can use it. If I’ve said it on Facebook or Twitter and I’m not quoting someone else, then it’s totally cool to use as well.

What quotes can’t I use?

You may not use any quotes that are by other people. For example, if I quote another blogger or writer in one of my posts, you can’t use their words. Also, please don’t use any quotes from our guest bloggers, essay contest entries, or QLC Season bloggers. We love them dearly, but this round is just Mollyisms.

But, Molly!  I don’t have any design skills.

Don’t be silly.  Have you ever used PicMonkey? It’s super easy to use,  has gorgeous fonts and effects and is totally doable for a newbie.  The basic version is free and has some killer features. There’s also a free Photoshop tool called Paint.Net that Katie, our community manager, uses on occasion. It does take a little getting used to, but it’s another option if you want to get a bit more technical.

I’m a seasoned designer / I design for my job / I dream of layering text every night. Can I enter the contest?

Please do!  Heck yes! Can’t wait to see your gorgeousness.

How do I enter?

We’re making this as easy as possible.

Since it’s a Pinterest contest, you’re going to upload your beautiful “pin” to Pinterest.  And to Facebook and Twitter and Instragram and your blog if you like!  Katie and I will be retweeting, repinning, reposting all of your awesomeness to make sure it launches into the world.

Be sure to follow these 3 steps for your quote to be entered in the contest:

1. Upload your pin to pinterest.

2. Tag it as #stratejoyquotecontest and with your name #katiecolihan

3. Link the image to this post

b: Provide us with a link to your pin on Twitter/Facebook so that we can be sure to be seeing your lovely works of art. It’s taking Pinterest a few days to organize your works of art, so we want to be able to see them right away!


Can I submit more than one quote?

Ab-so-lute-ly! Let your creative flag fly and enter as many original pins as you’d like!

How long will the contest be? When will the winner be announced?

The contest will run from June 25th through Wednesday July 10th.  The winner will be announced on or around July 10th and will be chosen by me.  Yay!

What does the big winner actually WIN?

Other than getting massive amounts of love on social media, the blog, and the internet at large — you’ll get a ton of awesome Stratejoy products for yourself or to give as gifts.

That’s $333 of gutsy Stratejoy goodness just for you!

Just to show you how truly easy and fun making a #stratejoyquotecontest entry can be, Katie and I both put our creative pants on and came up with these.

Please note: neither of us claim to be designers!

Katie’s creation:


Molly’s creation:



Have fun with this one Tribe!  I’m excited to see what you create and for the excuse to spend more time on Pinterest.




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