What's One More Change?


What’s One More Change?

Since I started writing here my life has gone through some changes.  Understatement? I went from single girl living alone trying to really drice home the whole self-love thing to, well, a married lady with a VERY active baby boy moving around in my stomach constantly.

There have been some leaps of faith required to hold my shit together; this is a fact.  The residual effect of all this change is this overwhelming feeling that I have the power within me to change whatever I want to get to the life I dream of.




“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction” – Winston “The Man” Churchill

My life is like a house that you buy thinking it’s pretty fantastic but then you decide to redo the guest room and in that process you cause a hole in a wall that leads to a bathroom remodel, and now your wall colors don’t match so you move down the hallways and you just keep going and before you know it you’ve redone the whole darn house.  Change is addicting, but what if the result is YOUR DREAM HOUSE? Change doesn’t seem so scary when you have so much to gain.

These thoughts have been running rampant in my head lately:

What if I could work from home?  Writing and freelancing to pay the bills.

What if I didn’t have to put Baby A into day care at 2 months old?

What if I had flexibility in my schedule to take time off in the summers to travel with my family?

What if I could take a lunch break and meet up with a new Mama friend for a little play date?

What if I could be REALLY happy every single day when I work?

What if my commute time was the time it took me to walk from the coffee machine to my home computer?

What if I could make MORE that I do now?

What if I could control the projects I took on?

What IF I just made one more change?

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