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Favorite Quotes from the World Domination Summit

Happy Monday beautiful people!  I wanted to share my favorite moments from the World Domination Summit with you via video.  There were two quotes from the weekend that really stood out to me for YOU.

I’m doing my best to channel the fiery Danielle Laporte, joyful Jen Lemen, and colorful Andrea Scher!

As promised in the video, a few juicy links…

WDS wrap up posts: From Chris Guillebeau himself!  Sarah’s super complete Day One, Day Two, and Day Three Recaps.   An adorable video and crapload of links to cool people from my fave babe, Michelle Ward.

Mondo Beyondo Course. An Online Course about Dreaming Big.

Dave Ursillo’s Lead without Followers Post. HERE. Read it!!

Besides the amazing connections and loads of inspiration, I also jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet, drank many a soy lattes with my brilliant (and adorable) roommate Tara Gentile, talked all sorts of Gen Y New Guard plans with Kate Northrup, Jonathan Mead, Ev’Yan Nasman, & Jenny Blake, and ate as much delicious Portland food as I could.  I also had a surreal moment standing between my two fabulous coaches, Charlie Gilkey (biz) and Rachel Cole (life).

It was an epic weekend and I’m already signed up to go again next year!  Join me?

And if you’re too lazy to watch the video…

Quotes to Ponder.  “Love where you are” and “Who are you becoming in pursuit of your dreams?”

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