Eye of the Storm


Eye of the Storm

I’ve been a little MIA, but not in a bad way.  I’ve been in that happy place of busy and blissful.

Since I last checked in with you all there has been a flurry of activity.  For starters, Mr. A and I moved in to our first place.  The place that has a second bedroom that will house the little person that is currently growing in my stomach region.  When we take Baby A home from the hospital, this is the place we will bring him/her.  When they’re older and look through old pictures, this place will show up in the images and they probably won’t remember it at all but Mr. A and I will smile and know that this place is where it started.  Our family is starting in this little two bedroom apartment and I am in love with it.

This past weekend, my friends threw me a bridal shower (I’m getting married a week from tomorrow!!) and I think that the feeling of my shower is EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling the past month or so.  In a nutshell:  stress and nerves build and then are quickly eradicated by being surrounded by love and support.  Example:  I met Mr. A’s parent’s this weekend.  I was so nervous!  I wanted them to like me, I wanted to like them.  We’re basically attached now for the rest of eternity, so what if we didn’t get along?!  Then I met them and instantly I was put at ease.  They are amazing, they think I’m amazing.  They’re so excited for everything.  All the nerves were replaced by intense gratitude that THESE are the people I get to call Mom and Dad.  Just that would have been great, but then add on the my family LOVES his family.  They all get along and mutually gush about how great Mr. A and I are together.  They’re all so excited.  They’re completely surrounding us with love and support.  I feel like the world is crazy around us and we should be panicking or, at the very least, crying on occasion but I feel like we’re directly in the middle of the chaos and completely protected by our friends and family.

I’m incredibly lucky and I am fully aware of this.  There are a million places along the road the past few months that things could have gone horribly awry.  To start with, Mr. A could have bolted that night I told him I was pregnant, hell he could have bolted any night since then.  Instead, we are learning to lean on each other, and we’re getting better at it every single day.  We assure each other that despite our imperfections, no one is bolting and you can feel how secure we are.  It makes the craziness seem manageable.

My grandparents did not have the best reaction to the whole pregnancy thing and they could have stayed that way, but instead they’ve transitioned to being really excited and supportive (Which is hugely important because I don’t know if I could do this without their support).

Basically, from the outside we know appears a little crazy still, but every single person who spends sometime with us sees immediately that we’re going to be just fine, and that helps us believe it too.

(The picture is from my bridal shower.  We got to make our own creme brulee!  This face is pure joy.)

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