The 1st Annual Stratejoy Scholarship


The 1st Annual Stratejoy Scholarship

It’s here!!

I’m every kind of excited to announce that the first ever Stratejoy Scholarship is open for applications!

Wanna get six sessions with me for zero dollars? This is your chance.  Seriously.  Apply now for a chance to win $600 worth of coaching with me for FREE.

No catch.  Just 3 months of coaching for one lucky, deserving winner.

Who’s it for?

What?  You mean, besides you?

Soul seekers.  Passion addicts who want to turn dreams into action.  Gutsy girls jonesing for a big change.  Quarterlife Crisis sufferers. Wannabe entrepreneurs.  Women stuck on “I want more” without a clue what that means.  Burnt out babes on a budget.  Battlers of big decisions.  Freelancers with big goals.

If you’re ready to really start living your life on your own terms, with a juicy balance between internal growth and external achievement, then this application is for you.  Get started.

All applications are due by Sunday, March 27th at midnight PST.  I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday, April 4th on the blog.

Can’t wait to work with YOU.  Let’s get this party started, eh?


p.s.  I said this last week, but this scholarship is inspired by my friend and colleague, Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach.  She’ll be offering her 3rd Annual When I Grow Up Scholarship soon!

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