Passion, Paying the Bills, and Knowing Myself


Passion, Paying the Bills, and Knowing Myself

Like most of you, I have a normal day job.  It’s not my passion, but I like it enough to not feel dread coming in to the office five mornings a week.

I am supported, appreciated, I have freedom to plan my own day, and I am good at what I do; so that’s a positive.  Bonus feature, I work at a non-profit so  at the end of the day I can stamp a “For the Greater Good” sticker on my day and skip happily home.

I skip home and do the thing that I actually LOVE to do; I write.  The internet is full of freelancing independent rockstars, and lately I have been wondering if I could/should do that with my life too.  If writing is what I love to do, should I be pursuing all possible roads to making this my career?

There’s a part of me that sees my friend taking risks and blazing trails, and I feel “less-than” as I hide in my comfy little office.  But then I remind myself that we can’t ALL be freelancing rockstars.  Freelancing is not easy and not for everyone.  From what I understand of my friends who are self-employed, freelancing involves crazy long hours, while fighting procrastination and isolation.  I don’t think that I am the right person to blaze trails in the freelancing world.

For starters, if I don’t talk to people during the day, I go crazy.  I need face-to-face interaction to feed my extrovert heart.  I love having co-workers; love it.  I love hearing how their weekends were and giggling over the lunch.  I like having a boss to keep me accountable for my projects.  If I worked for myself, I would probably do what I did in college; procrastinate to the extreme until I am forced to throw something together at the last minute.  I bet clients would love that.

When I was in high school everyone told me that I should major in English and be and English teacher because I lived for reading.  I refused to major in English (my one great rebellion) because I knew that if I majored in something I loved, I would risk loosing my passion for it.  I think for me, writing and this community is similar to my love of reading. There is a part of me that loves writing because I get to choose it; if I HAD to write I may not love it anymore. I don’t write to pay bills and if I have a period of time when I cannot find a thing to write about, I just don’t write.   However, most days, I do have things I want to write about. and I love that I get to write and connect for the sheer love of it.

Do you ever feel like you should be making a living from your passions?











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