Reclaiming A Life: Bold and Fearless


Reclaiming A Life: Bold and Fearless

WrBriJoyiting is my primary method of tackling the messy parts of life.  I’ve written about my break up from start to finish and I’ve tried to be honest and open with what worked for me.  I don’t often read through my archives, but I know other people have.  I hear of people who have been sent there because they’re going through a break up too, and that’s amazing to me.

That’s why we share our stories.  I share my story so people know they’re not alone in their struggles.  I share my story because maybe something I learned the hard way can be taught the easy way.  Just like the stories of other women inspire me to be stronger, bolder, and more fearless, maybe my story will inspire a woman fresh from a break up to keep going.

I hope so.  I’m living just one little life, but writing it down makes it possible to be bigger.

I would never describe myself as ballsy. I have a job that I like because it’s easy, not because it’s challenging, and I would never claim it’s my passion.

The big life decisions I have made have always felt too easy.  I applied to one PhD program, got in and went.  I interviewed for one job, got it and moved two weeks later.

I am incredibly grateful for it all, believe me, but it feels a whole lot like lucky breaks and less like I own my life.  I want to know I deserve this amazing life I live because of risks I took.  I want to set my life on fire and reclaim ownership of it.

I want to get every thing possible out of the next six months of writing here.  I want to share my journey of reclaiming my life and living boldly.  Here is what I am going to be aiming for:

  • Find new ways to boldly love others, myself, and my life.
    • I want to take myself out on dates.  I want to take care of my body, my home, and my spirit because I DESERVE TO BOLDLY LOVE MYSELF.
    • I want to find ways to love on people who challenge me and my comfort zone.  To start, my mom has battled addiction over the past ten years, and I would really like to learn to boldly love people who are also battling addiction.  Right now, there’s a huge wall there.  I want to find an organization to volunteer with where I can practice grace and love actively.  I think it will change me in dramatic ways.
  • Ask for what I want without fear of rejection.
    • I want more out of my job.  I absolutely love it, but I could do more–so much more.  I want to figure out what I want, ask for it, and be prepared to walk away if I don’t get it.
    • I want to ask a boy out.  A cute one.  (I would like him to say yes, but I will be okay if he doesn’t.)
    • I want to have hard conversations with people I love.  When I feel like I am not getting what I need, I want to learn to ask for it.

I am so ready to share this journey with y’all.

[Note from Coach Molly:  And we’re so ready to tag along for your journey, Bri!  I love the goals you’ve articulated for owning your life.  And I’m going to throw out an “Everyone deserves to boldly love themselves!!”  Hellz yah.  Please know that I’m here for you as you ask for what you want and all the excitement and fear that comes with it.  Stepping into your own life is a gorgeous thing.]

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