Quarterlife Crisis Blog: Introducting Season 4!


Quarterlife Crisis Blog: Introducting Season 4!

I know, I know….   You see this same post from me every six months…  But that’s because the Quarterlife Crisis is not going away as an experience of Gen Y women. And we gain so many new Tribe Sisters each new season that I feel the explain the purpose of our awesome, brave, and gorgeous bloggers. 

So you veterans- bare with me.   Newbies?  Listen up.

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Fact: The Quarterlife Crisis is a real experience of Gen Y, of women in their twenties and early thirties.

Fact: You are not alone. If you feel disconnected from your life, not sure what the fuck you’re supposed to do next, disappointed that your day-to-day isn’t living up to all the expectations you had for it, have that eerie feeling that there should be something more, are overwhelmed by all the possibilities out there, don’t know how to start and stick with something, or just feel totally unlike your awesome self–Yup, we get it. Been there.

Fact: It’s a slightly silly term for a real period of change.  Of seeking.  Of sorting out our best lives, on our terms, with the resources we have.  The term might be silly, but the process of growth is anything but.  And of course, we could call it the Quarterlife Quest.  Or the Quaterlife Challenge.  Or in Nikki’s term from Season 3, the Quarterlife Fuck Yah!

Fact: The Quarterlife Crisis is the a Rite of Passage. Embrace it. Use it to grow and learn and laugh hysterically.  Use it to affect positive change, or polish some rough corners, or make some major shifts in how you live your life.  Hey, it’s YOUR life!  DIVE IN!

If you’re a familiar face around Stratejoy, you know that we’ve been featuring guest bloggers for an entire year and a half (can you believe it?)!  Season 1 consisted of  Robyn, Kendra, Andrea and Marisa writing about their day to day experience of conquering (or at least surviving!) their QLC 6 months.  Season 2 featured Nicole, Heather Rae, and Katie rockin’ and rollin’ their way through self employment, major moves, new relationships, and the ups and down of the finding themselves…  Season 3 was full of Doniree, Nikki, Marian, Alisha, Renee, and Lindsey sharing their experience as freelancers, expats, wives and single girls, a mommy, living at home, a grad student, unemployment, a Hollywood actor, and a sailing trip around the Caribbean.

But today I bring you Season 4!! Without further ado, I am thrilled to introduce you to the amazing girls who will be writing on a weekly basis here at Stratejoy.  Out of 51 crazy good applications, these six gutsy women were chosen to share their journey:  Amanda, Laura, Bri, Katharine, Dee and Juliana.

(And you know what’s super cool? Amanda designed the lovely bio badges this season. She creates all sort of “Mindful Website Designs for the Creative Professional”.  Love!  You can check out more of her work at Violet Minded Design.)

These woman are gutsy. They’re helping spread the word that the Quarterlife Crisis happens to the best of us and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that fact.  They’re helping challenge the stigma that this “crisis” is considered a failure and that somehow we could have avoided it, if only we had everything figured out.

Those of us who have experienced/are experiencing a QLC haven’t failed.  We are not selfish Gen Yers wallowing in some perceived notion that life should be handed to us on golden platter. We’re not blaming our parents and our education for encouraging us to go after it all.

We’re simply admitting we don’t have it “figured out” at a time in our lives when we thought we would. And we are gutsy enough to take control of our happiness.

And as long as you don’t allow your Quarterlife Criris to take you down and out, you will be stronger, healthier and happier for it.  It will force you to really think about your life, to challenge expectations and to carve out your own definition of success.

These women are living proof of that.

What I ask of you?  Participate! Join in the conversation here on the blogs. We all HEART comments and promise to do our best to respond, interact, answer questions.  Become part of the community on Facebook. Interact with me on Twitter (yes, I talk about Stratejoy stuff & my personal life. Get ready!).

The girls can be found at

  • Amanda @violetzombie
  • Laura @mynameisBigL
  • Bri @habbala
  • Katharine @hatestweeting
  • Dee @deebuzzing
  • Juliana @writeplayrepeat

Let your voice, your opinion, your experience be heard.  Share, learn and laugh your ass off with us.

What’s new this season? Well, for one, we’re ditching the editorial schedule.  I’m giving these rockstars free reign!   I’m hoping this will keeps things fresh and exciting for everyone.  Also, I want to give you all a glimpse of some of the powerful growth that can occur by committing to your happiness. Each blogger will be tackling some personal goals for her 6 month writing stint and will get some extra coaching, support, and love from me.  Yay!  They’ve each promised to keep us updated and to keep things real:  sharing the ups, downs, wins, and challenges.  I hope it provides a little spark for you to get more involved in all the awesome that happens over here!

Who’s excited?   If you’re a loyal reader or a new reader, why not introduce yourself on this post (in the format of the blogger bios)?  That way we know YOU!  Even if you’ve done this before, come on gorgeous…. One more time.   Yes!  Community FTW.

Smooches.  And big huge massive sparks of inspiration and motivation.  Get ready for this wild ride!

p.s.  I updated the “Recommended Reading”  and “Best of the Bloggers” Posts!  Take a peek on the right!

p.p.s. I also updated the Store Page with my most fabulous resources for Gen Y women who want to live life on their own terms.  Cool eBooks & eCourses that I’ve read/taken/love.  If you’re interested, check it out, sugar!

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