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Grey's Anatomy, The Bachelor(ette), and Potluck Sunday

Every group of friends has its rituals.

Friday night girls’ nights.  Monthly bonfires or once-a-summer camping or rafting trips.  Weekly happy hours or dinners, brunches or TV shows.  Looks like it often centers around food, huh?

My crew in Minnesota – years ago – had Grey’s Anatomy nights.  Like, to the point where we’d check in with everyone, every week – “Are you coming for Grey’s this week?” or “Hey, who’s hosting Grey’s this week?”  There’d be wine and beer and snacks and sometimes dinner.  In fact, at one point we even had Grey’s Bingo going, placing bets on first kisses and fights, breakups and breakdowns.  I remember a particularly close and saucy week the first time Callie and McSteamy hooked up.  Wait.  Maybe it was Addison and Alex.  I can’t remember.  Anyway, there was Grey’s night and it happened for a whole season and it was the one night each week you could COUNT on seeing everyone.

And then there was The Bachelorette.  I got into this one FIRST for the social aspect, as I have a particular distaste for reality TV.  I’ve tried.  I promise, I have.  And sometimes I get lost in a story line.  And ok, fine, I liked The Hills.  But, I NEVER got into reality TV shows and then there was The Bachelor or maybe it was the Bachelorette and there were girlfriends and Reality Steve and there was wine and cheese.  And gossip.  About the show, and the men and the girls.  About people we knew.  And it happened every week and it was that one time every week you could count on catching up with the girls.

And then there was Potluck Sunday.  I moved to Colorado in January of this past year, and my darling friend Jodi joined us this summer.  Jodi brought with her a history and tradition of Potluck Sundays that started in college and evolved from the first one – a sushi night – to the later ones with varying themes.

Jodi brought Potluck Sunday with her to Boulder, noting that Sunday often is a tough day of transitions out of the weekend and into the next week.

“Potluck inspires happiness,” she said.  “What needs to be included in that day is a little family time– good food, made with love and adoration for cuisine, good company, support, laughter, companionship. I just wanted to create a space where we all could express or receive whatever we needed– if not on any other day, on one systematic day a week.”

And it’s awesome because every single week, you can count on the regulars.  And every single week, you can count on there being someone who’s visiting.  And almost as often, you can count on meeting someone who just moved to town.  We’ve been doing Potluck Sundays every week (just about) since sometime earlier summer.  It’s become a highlight of my week – a time where friends, new and old, can come together and create not only something delicious and nourishing, but can nurture relationships that are budding and growing.  Where we can catch up about work and life and love and laughter, where new recipes are tested on the most willing guinea pigs out there.

Where I have a place that feels like home and people that feel like family in a state that’s still got a little bit of that new car smell.

I feel extremely blessed to have met and connected with the people I have here in Colorado, my home-friends in Minnesota, and the friends that are all over the country and have that knack for picking up where you left off.  Whether it’s a scheduled Skype date or a weekly potluck, friend rituals and something you can count on – this is nourishment at it’s finest.

What time-honored traditions do you have with your friends?

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