5 Jobs, 3+ Moves, 2 Blogs, 1 Very Mixed-Up Chica


5 Jobs, 3+ Moves, 2 Blogs, 1 Very Mixed-Up Chica


I’m more excited and terrified than I’ve ever been.

A little over a year ago I graduated from Davidson College, hoping to get a job in publishing. I don’t know why I picked publishing – I like books? Both my parents are writers? I couldn’t think of any other career path that didn’t sound horribly boring? Regardless of the fact that the industry is at a standstill and the pay is crap, I spent three months applying to every single entry-level publishing job in New York.

The result? Crickets, y’all.

Now, I’m kind of an impatient person, so I decided to market myself instead of playing into The System. I took out Facebook advertisements, targeting anyone who worked at the major publishing houses. Not only did I get a job in 2 weeks, but everywhere from Real Simple magazine to ABC News publicized the story.

Unfortunately, after a few months at my new job though, I realized it squashed my creativity and made me miserable. I hated the 9 to 5 and secretly wanted to be a pastry chef so I quit my job and enrolled in culinary school. Except I didn’t realize that taking out a $40,000 loan at 22 requires a cosigner and there wasn’t anyone in my life who could help me do that.

Dreams. Crushed.

So then I took a part time job at a sex museum in New York (good times) while I built up my freelance business helping authors use social media. It was nice to work from home but I still wasn’t bringing in the big bucks; meaning I had to leave New York and move back in with my parents. I was surprisingly happier in the ‘burbs than in the big bad city – there was greenery and quiet and you could see the sky. Granted, my three younger brothers, dog and parents were all there so it wasn’t that quiet, but it was refreshing to not have to stress about money for a while.

While I kept at the freelance work I also started working on a side project called the Pajama Job Hunt, an online course for people who’ve been down the frustrating job path before and are sick-to-freaking-death of sending out resume after resume with no results. The idea is to get a job fast and a job you want by being super involved in your industry’s social media presence.

And finally – FINALLY! – work aside, there’s another story. A romance, if you will. I lived in England for a year and dated the most perfect guy in the history of the world. We broke up for a million reasons after I graduated (long distance sucks, man), but two months ago – a year after we ended things – I had this feeling that he was where I was supposed to be. Life after college wasn’t what I thought. Work was always temporary.

Life was just… better… with him around.

So I picked up and went back to England for a month to see if we were still good together. We were. On July 7 I moved to London for as long as my traveler’s visa will allow. Then it’s off to Sam’s place of birth, New Zealand! I want to travel, he wants to go home for awhile, and NZ is the only place we can both legally reside at the moment.

I’m more excited and terrified than I’ve ever been. Excited because this is the first time I’m letting myself open up and experience what’s really important. I left my home, I’m leaving my damn hemisphere, and am still in the process of starting my own business. That’s where the terrified comes in.

In terms of how I got involved with Molly, Stratejoy, and the Joy Equation, I stumbled across the site one day and was so impressed with the writing, the messages and the conversations happening. I love how open and honest and beautiful the writers have been. I love how open and honest and beautiful the readers have been.

I wanted to be part of Season 3 because while I ADORE my own blog, I feel like I always have to be useful. I’ve gone through something like 5 career changes in a year, moved three times and am doing it again. I struggle with charging people and “website shame” and perfecting my niche every day, but I feel like I can’t write about that stuff on my own site because of clients.

Blogging for Stratejoy will mean I can be open and honest without worrying about my “image”. Blogging for Stratejoy will mean being a part of that ridiculously awesome community you’ve built while I sort through my Quarterlife Crisis.

And maybe – hopefully – my missteps along the way can help others sort through their own Quarterlife Crisis. But like I said, maybe…  😉

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