Running in Circles Gets You... Nowhere


Running in Circles Gets You… Nowhere

I’ve been in a whirlwind lately.   20 Tabs open on my browser, mugs half full of coffee strewn about, index cards full to color-coded to do lists spread out in front of me, yoga mat abandoned in the corner.

I’ve been trying to build an inspiring, useful business to serve you awesome Quarterlifers.  Trying to plan an adorable wedding on a major budget.  Trying to supplement my salary with some major side gigs.  Trying to tap into my creative side, eat clean, read books, make love, travel, see my offline friends, keep in touch with my online friends, start swimming again, work on my stealth product launch, set up my tattoo appointments, go grocery shopping, keep my apartment clean, call my parents…

Never quite catching up on anything. Never quite feeling productive enough.

Yup.  That’s been my life lately.

I keep telling myself that this is good!  Things are busy!  I’d rather be crazed than bored!  My bank account loves all these side projects I’ve taken on!  I’m being responsible! Who cares if I’ve abandoned my exercise plan, the Big Man’s handled dinner and the dishes too many nights in a row, and I’m mainlining caffeine?

Doesn’t the world love a multitasker?  I’m a superwoman! I can handle it!

Until, I can’t.

Haven’t I learned this lesson already?  I suppose it’s going to keep coming up (poke, poke) until I stop over-committing myself.  Until I’ve got a handle on the fact that there’s more to life than getting things done, just for the simple fact of getting them done…

Life is more than a “To Do” List- I know that. I, more than most, can control how I spend my days, what I choose to work on, how I want to organize my time. But lately, I’ve been drowning in overload.  Overwhelm.

Running in circles (sprinting, huffing and puffing, pulling a extreme move now and again) won’t get me anywhere.

Because, duh, I’m running in circles.

So, what’s the plan? Slow down, simplify, recommit to my meditation practice, and practice “claiming the moment”.

Claiming the Moment? It’s a phrase from Debbie Ford’s book ‘The Best Year of My Life’.  She writes an entire chapter about how life is made up of all these amazing small moments, but if we don’t slow down and really make an effort to live them and capture them in our memory- life’s just passing us by.  In order to live a truly extraordinary life, we need to claim the moments.

When I read that chapter, it totally hit me.

I’m losing my days to a frantic pace of “getting things done”.  I’m weakening my relationship by not saving some of my personal resources (time, energy, love) to share with the Big Man. I’m diluting my strength and creativity that I need to coach, to teach, to write.

I’m letting small moments pass me by because I’m rushing through my days trying to cram it all in, just so I can wake up the next day and do it again.

Enough is enough.

Here’s to the getting off the fast track!

Here’s to starting out on a long, wandering path to Somewhere, full of delicious moments and treasured memories.

photo credit: Anna Gay

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