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When you are lit up by life, connected to women who love your hot mess and your big ambition, and inspired to bring joy, laughter and meaning to your everyday —

You are truly alive.

Let’s practice, shall we?

Set aside your reality for five days and dive into the outdoors, bouts of belly laughing, protected solitude, rediscovering your ability to play, magical rituals, connection to the earth, and deep conversation about your life without pretense or judgement.

You’ll leave camp reminded of the simple pleasures in life and reconnected to your heart. You’ll leave camp with soul sisters and stories you’ll be telling for a lifetime. You’ll leave camp with newfound confidence to take risks, new bonfire songs to sing at the top of your lungs, and a few new bug bites.





Hey! I’m Molly and hosting this Summer Camp is one of my lifelong dreams.

Summer Camp is my chance to dig in deep with 100 of you, while sharing my love of the great outdoors, laughing uncontrollably, and taking our dreams seriously but not taking ourselves seriously. I cannot wait to drag our mattresses outside to sleep under the stars, to talk about dreams/fears/ambition/ease, to dance our booties off, to push our comfort zones on the ropes course, and to practice being silent, whole, cherished and present.

Sound amazing? Grab a ticket and I’ll see you in August!

Stratejoy Summer Camp


Wednesday August 17 through Sunday August 21, 2016
22 miles outside of Asheville, North Carolina at Camp Kanuga

· 5 days + 4 nights of playful and honest sisterhood set in the magical Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.
· 100 campers + 25 counselors + Molly = Awesome.
· No gurus or speaking schedule or experts in anything. Stratejoy Summer Camp is for YOU, about YOU, and co-created by YOU.
· Check in between 1 pm and 4 pm on Wednesday+ check out between 9 am and 11 am on Sunday.

Camp is going to be equal parts rejuvenating personal retreat + summer camp for adults + intimate gathering of the Stratejoy tribe.

And it all adds up to 5 days of magic!


Bummer. Registration is closed for 2016.

There is a tiny chance that we’ll open up a few last minute tickets the week of July 11th. Get yourself on the Early Notification List below to be the first in line!

What’s Covered?

· Everything you’ll need for 4 nights and 5 days. Get yourself to Camp and we’ll take over!
· Shared Cabin accommodations including full bed linens and towels for four nights.
· All meals, snacks, beverages and alcohol from Wednesday dinner through Sunday breakfast.
· All Camp activities are included — ropes course, canoeing, yoga/dance/meditation classes, and evening magic.
· Surprises! And that’s all I can say about that.

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why Camp?


Need to recharge from the daily grind and the stress of living in the real world?

Immerse yourself in nature, yoga, meditation, Stratejoy sessions with Molly (we’ll be talking pleasure, power and purpose this year!), sleeping under the stars, special woo-woo rituals and silent journaling time.

Need to remind yourself that life can be joyful, playful and fun?
And not so damn hard?

Get ready for lake time, a high ropes course, bonfire sing-a-longs, camp names, dance parties, arts and crafts, daily cocktail hour and camp games.



Need to reconnect to yourself and to other positive women?

There will be honest conversations about everything under the sun, bunk camaraderie, and new friendships born from this shared experience. And of course there will be plenty of opportunity to commune with your own sweet self.

do you belong at Camp?

You know that look of pure joy on a kid’s face when they jump in a mud puddle? Or the expression of delight when they eat an ice cream cone covered in sprinkles on a hot summer day? Or the intense curiosity reflected in their eyes when they study a spider web covered in dew? Or the way their chest puffs up with pride when they hit a softball off a tee for the first time?

Of course you do.

It’s a magical combination of being completely enamored with the world they occupy, pure presence in the moment, and an unselfconsciousness to enjoy it all.

I want more of that joy for you. More of that delight. More of that curiosity. More of that pride.

And I’m going to do my best to give you those gifts at camp.


It’s hard to practice being present to the small details and tiny joys of life when you are entrenched in your packed schedule, stressed out by your work, or simply overwhelmed by the demand of your identity as daughter, partner, mama, friend. Joy takes a backseat.

When your “to do list” is a mile long it’s tough to take the time to watch the sunset, learn a line dance, twirl sparklers, tell stories about the constellations, or sit in silence as the sun warms your face. Delight takes a backseat.

When you are constantly trying to live up to expectations, make it happen, or push harder, it’s difficult to distinguish your true desires for your life. When you are rushing through your day, it’s hard to remember what truly makes you happy moment-to-moment. Curiosity takes a backseat.

When your life no longer feels like yours, it’s tough to make time to figure out how you can move forward deliberately, on your own terms, with loving intention and delicious self-care. Pride takes a backseat.

Time to get in the driver’s seat! Camp is a gift of joy, delight, curiosity, and pride in an adult life that can be full of the opposite.





Camp was the perfect mix of adventure and rejuvenation this summer! Instead of checking my phone the moment my alarm went off, I opened my eyes to graffitied bunks and heard cicadas and rain on the tin roof cabins.

I took a huge leap of faith and went alone, but I left with a community of incredible and beautiful soul sisters!


Last summer included all of the goodness from summer camp as a child but also…

Champagne and wine, adult conversations that inspire, quiet time you actually savor (now that you’re an adult), camp songs that include your favorite jam and surprisingly good food! 


From staring at the sky and seeing the Milky Way for the first time, to being overwhelmed with love while listening to the beautiful singing voices of my sisters – camp contained more moments of magic than I can count.

The combination of sisterhood, nature, authenticity and fun creates a space for deep connection with other women and yourself.

so honey – is Camp for you?

Well, if you’re gutsy enough to pause your “real life” for 5 days while you remind yourself who you are at your core —

Camp is for you.

If you’re optimistic enough to throw yourself into new adventures with a grin on your face —

Camp is for you.

If you’re soulful enough to realize that productivity isn’t the only measure of a well-lived life —

Camp is for you.

If you’re wild enough to think meeting dozens of other incredible women while canoeing, or toasting s’mores, or doing yoga on a lawn, or sharing honest stories of love/money/sex/business/parenting, or hiking in the woods, or meditating on a dock, or playing kickball, or drinking bubbly while wearing tank tops, friendship bracelets and sneakers actually sounds fun —

Camp is for you.

And if that list scares the hell out of you,

but you’ve got a nagging feeling that you kinda sorta might possibly have that gutsy, optimistic, soulful, wild woman hiding deep down inside of you —

Camp is the perfect chance to discover her.

To discover you.





The most powerful moment for me at camp was realizing that this is a safe space for me to be myself in whatever form that takes on any given day.

From Molly to the counselors to the other campers, this is a group of people who are committed to witnessing and encouraging each other through fun and challenging times.

And I’ll definitely be back next year to do it all again.


Stratejoy Summer Camp was the perfect escape!

I loved summer camp as a kid, and this took me straight back to those sleep-away camp days – but with Happy Hour! 

I found equal parts community and solitude. There are so many words that come to mind when I think of camp: safe place, community, peace, laughter, fun, magic, cleansing, soul work, freedom… I can’t wait for the next one.


Summer camp was everything I thought it would be, and more.

Amazingly delicious food, crappy coffee, comforting cabinmates, uncomfortable beds. Early morning yoga, late nights, too much wine and not enough time. It was all painfully beautiful, exciting, and life-changing.

I don’t regret a penny of it. If you want to go, go! It doesn’t matter if no one else understands. We do.

Summer Camp FAQ

Read on for my very detailed, slightly humorous, and totally honest best attempt to answer every single question you may have about Camp. I’m leaving no stone unturned…

Ready, Set, Go!

Women! Lots of different kinds of women from different walks of life. Though Stratejoy tends to attract the 28ish – 38ish crowd, all ages* are welcome and encouraged to attend Camp. If you identify with the Stratejoy spirit  and think this sounds like just what you need — Camp is for you. Last year our youngest camper was 22 and our oldest was 62!

So, yes — your mother can join you. I know she’s been asking!

*You must be at least 21 years old since we will be serving alcohol. And I’m 35 in case you were wondering.

The majority of Campers came alone last year.  Your IRL friends might think you’re a bit crazy for coming in fact! And some of the groups of friends who did come asked to be split up into different cabins so they could have their own experience.

You’ll be assigned to cabins of 9 campers with 2 counselors (my current/former Elevate Mastermind ladies) who are there to facilitate bunk camaraderie, bunk dance routines, bunk bonfires, and bunk discussions about the scary shit.  If you’re open to making new friends, you will definitely make new friends.

Sorry, ladies. You may only bring yourself to Camp this year.

If your partner is a woman, you are both welcome at Camp, though couples will be housed in separate cabins.

Nope. Bunk beds and screen windows and cement floor showers for all! Lake swimming and bonfire smoke and layers of sunscreen and bug repellent for all!  The woods and the sun and the stars for all! Family meals and sitting cross-legged on the lawn and water balloons for all!

If this doesn’t sound like a grand adventure to you, please don’t torture yourself by coming to Camp.

Every day will be a mix of Stratejoy sessions, free time, optional activities and full camp experiences.


You are highly encouraged to fully participate in all scheduled Camp activities — part of the fun is going all in! I do understand, however, that you may be burnt out and need more downtime than we’ve designed. As long as you show up for every bunk headcount, it’s fine if you need to sneak in some extra snoozing or introvert recharging.

Organizing your own awesome activities during our afternoon free time is highly encouraged!

There will be a Camp Corkboard for sharing such announcements and inviting co-conspirators along on your walking meditation, photo scavenger hunt, solo biz lady discussion, improv games, human tic-tac-toe or guitar jam.

kanuga cabinYou’ll sleep in rustic cabins with connected bathrooms. Each cabin will house 10-12 women on bunk beds. Towels, bed linens, a blanket and a pillow will be provided.

There are also additional bathhouses with toilets and showers, separate from the sleeping cabins.

You’ll be served 3 healthy family style meals a day in the dining hall. There will also be a daily cocktail hour with wine, beer and sparkling water. And yes, there will be early morning coffee!


Dietary restrictions and allergies will be honored as best we can. Vegetarian options, including a full salad bar, will be available.

And I know I talk a lot about alcohol because it’s very celebratory/foodie lovin’ for me. If you’re an abstainer, I promise you’ll still have fun!

This is definitely not one of those events where you need to go buy a entirely new wardrobe to “make an impression.” You’ll be moving your body in your chosen fashion (running/dancing/yoga,) sitting on lawns, hiking through the woods, playing games, and lounging outdoors from the early morning to the late evening.

Layers are key, as is comfort.


Average temperatures outside of Asheville in mid August is 83 F during the day and 63 F during the night. Afternoon thunderstorms are also common.

You can get the local weather report here.

There will be no smoking or drugs at Camp. No judgement or body shaming or discrimination. No gossiping, comparisons, apathy or cruelty.

I’ll ask for openness, honesty and positivity instead.  Tears, belly laughs, hand-holding, harmless pranks, and enthusiasm highly encouraged.

Summer Camp will be held at Camp Kanuga (the rustic kid’s campus, not the conference center) just south of historic Downtown Hendersonville in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and is easily accessible whether you’re driving or flying.


Kanuga Conferences, Inc.
130 Kanuga Chapel Drive
Hendersonville, NC 28739


Recommended Airports

  • Asheville Regional Airport (AVL is 30 minutes from Camp),
  • Greenville/Spartanburg International Airport (GSP is 1 hour from Camp)
  • Charlotte International Airport (CLT is 1 hour and 45 minutes from Camp)
  • Atlanta International Airport (ATL is 3 hours and 30 minutes from Camp_

 We will be running a free shuttle from the Asheville Airport on Wednesday afternoon and Sunday morning. Times TBD depending on Camper arrival and departure times.

Detailed Directions to Camp Kanuga can be found here

We’ve thought long and hard about the level of smart phone usage we want to allow at camp. It is recommended your cellphone remain in “phone jail” for the majority of the day, with free period in the afternoon to connect with your family if desired. Laptops or internet-enabled reading devices are not allowed at Camp.

Your family will be given an emergency number to reach us at Camp Kanuga if they need to reach you immediately.

 In order to facilitate proper Camp bonding and keep track of ya’ll, our arrival and departure days are firm.  There are no “in and out” privileges.  If you leave the property during Camp, you won’t be able to come back.

Arrival for Camp
1 pm – 4 pm Wednesday August 17th

Departure from Camp
9 am – 11 am Sunday August 21st

Everything except for your flights!

Your bunk accommodations including full bed linens for four nights, as well as all meals, snacks, beverages, alcohol and camp activities will be covered. Get yourself to camp and then we’ll take over!

for you type-A planners

Here are all the details:

2016 is the second year we’ve hosted Stratejoy Summer Camp, so although there are bound to be surprises for all of us — we know what we are getting into this year!

Click each badge to find out all the details your dear planner heart can handle.





you can call me Sunshine

I’m a Coach, Teacher, Mama and Community Builder for Gutsy Women. Stratejoy is my home, my love, my contribution. Others may know me as Molly Mahar, but at Camp — it’s Sunshine all the way.

I’m completely obsessed with the intersection of community, authenticity and joy. And I believe in going big, that honesty is the best policy, and in the undeniable fact that we are all deserving of fulfilling right fit lives.

Most of all, I believe in YOU.

Sunshine at Camp

Creating a Summer Camp has been on my dream list for years. I loved camp as a kid and have been deeply craving a week off of adulting so I can return to my joyful, bossy, adventurous kid self. I want to swim in a lake, make new friends, eat s’mores, wake up to the smell of the mountains, and play like it’s my job.

At Camp, we get to do it all.

With the added bonus of cocktail hour and yoga. Woo woo magic and journaling time. Deep conversation and likeminded women.

Sound like something you’re craving too? Then I’ll meet you at the flagpole.






Summer Camp was everything I was wanted and more. It was five days of running around in the woods, laughing, playing, swimming, sharing, and connecting with dozens of new sisters.

I’ve never felt so seen, heard, and held by other women before in my life. I’m counting down the days to Camp 2016! 


Who would have ever thought I could conquer a high ropes course, dance in shiny blue leggings to 80s music, and stand in front of 75 women and share my authentic self all in one camp experience?

I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart, attending camp has changed my overall attitude – which has changed my life. 


Camp taught me that I am not alone and that I need the support of others to really be happy.

Hearing so many wonderful women share their stories and sharing my own made me see how freeing and wonderful it feels to have a trusted sisterhood where I feel safe being vulnerable and open. 

Want to know when Summer Camp tickets go back on sale?
Sign up for the early notification list, adventurer

There is a tiny chance that we’ll open up a few last minute tickets the week of July 11th. Get yourself on the Early Notification List above to be the first in line!

We’re going to sing, journal, dance, play, celebrate, meditate, connect, move, relax and love our hearts out.

We’ll see you in August!